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19. Slow Burn Resilience

I’m feeling much better this week.  Take a deep breath with me and let’s revel in that for a moment.  It felt hard there for a second.

I have a question for you: Do you ever go through an emotional experience, or an introspective period and when you come out the other end you can recognize that you’re not the same person you were even a short period of time ago?…

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15. Thoughts Become Things

I’ve had somewhat of an epiphany this week.  In all my research about cancer, I’ve come to the conclusion that for most it’s a symptom of something else, which is why it’s so hard to treat with conventional methods.  That is, the cancer has been given the chance to take seed and grow because of that “something else”...

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11. The Benefits of Mindfulness

I’m often reminded of the benefits of mindfulness while on the trail.  This last cycle, I’ve had two days that I’d describe as anxiety-filled, related to having my latest scan.  Let’s start with the good news first with the results -- most of my tumors have decreased in size, the rest are stable.  We continue to lengthen the runway!  Woohoo!!...

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