25. Gratitude

Phone calls, texts and computer screens have been challenging lately.  Three weeks ago today I woke up with an intense headache.  A few hours later, not able to keep any food down, we went to the ER.  The scan on my head showed significant swelling, which determined that I needed to start whole brain radiation immediately.  While something I was hoping to avoid, my body spoke loudly on this one.  I began a course of 20 treatments on July 30th, and I now have five more sessions remaining that I will complete this week.  My independence evaporated overnight; the fatigue has been debilitating.  My head is still tender and my eyesight is blurry.

Radiation is hard on my body.  After my hair started falling out in handfuls, Dave shaved my head.  I like my new aerodynamic look.  I am so fortunate that Dave is the amazing partner that he is, his care and kindness are impeccable.  I am very lucky.

During this recent hiatus from writing, I received many inquiries and encouraging nudges.  I am humbled by how much company I have on my journey, and grateful for the support of our community.  Thank you for your prayers, well-wishes, positivity, optimism and connection.