My life is in danger, and I need your help.  The type of stage four cancer that I have is very rare and aggressive.  If you’d like to help me with my treatment costs, please donate through my GoFundMe page.

Cass & Dave at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Cass & Dave at the Denver Botanic Gardens

My best treatment options are those that are integrative, and complementary to conventional chemotherapy, with little or no coverage by my health insurance company.  And, they are expensive.  

Currently, I’m trying to raise $100,000 to cover two cycles of Insulin-Potentiation Low Dose Chemotherapy (IPT) that run approximately $30,000 a cycle.  The alternative therapies I have been investing in for symptom management and support run about $4,000 a month.  And I have the option to explore a few targeted therapies and vaccines that run about $15,000 a pop.  Since diagnosis, we've spent over $20,000 on my care, and we're just getting started.   

My goal is to spread the word and have my friends and their communities help me on my journey.  And when I kick this cancer, I will gladly donate the remaining amount to charity… we can collectively decide on where it should go.  

Please donate through my GoFundMe page.  I am deeply grateful for your support.